Downsizing State Government

Governor Bentley vowed to continue downsizing state government in his State of the State address.  Two years ago, the Legislature combined a number of agencies and departments that dealt with law enforcement.  They have hailed that merger as a successful model to downsize and now plan to combine other agencies, departments, boards and commissions with similar missions.  SB 76, by Senate President Del Marsh (R) would abolish the Alabama Building Commission and move all its functions under the Finance Director.  This bill would create the Division of Facilities Management, the Division of Leasing Management, the Division of Construction Management and the Division of Energy Management within the Department of Finance.  This is not a new issue.  Many Governors in the past have studied the idea of bringing all state property under one entity, especially as it relates to state buildings in the capital city.  But, we can't recall the issue ever making it as far as being introduced as a bill.

Construction Manager/General Contractor Bill

The Alabama Council has issued dozens of memos on this issue, and even conducted a Membership Survey to gain input from the membership.  Our Executive Committee and Legislative Committee have discussed the issue for many hours.  We flew in one of the nation's leading experts (Dale Munhall, AIA, Director of Construction Phase Services for Leo A. Daly) on this issue to make a keynote address at last summer's annual convention and give us input on the issue. 

The bottom line is that we are still negotiating in an effort to make the bill as palatable as possible for the profession.  Click here to read the review the latest version of the bill, Version 8.0.  And yes, Version 9.0 is supposed to be out later week.  We expect it to be introduced in the Alabama Legislature, possibly as soon as today.  We will keep you apprised of the developments on the bill to the best of our ability. 

What You Should Do
First, read Version 7.0.  Then contact your House and Senate members to express your opinion on the bill and the whole alternative delivery system.  Most of the men and women in the Alabama Legislature do NOT understand what this is all about.  This is the ultimate "inside baseball" issue to them.  They will rely on input from those who helped them get elected and their constituents.  You can contact any House member in Montgomery by calling 334.242.7600 and any Senate member in Montgomery by calling 334.242.7800.  You can also visit the web site of the Alabama Legislature.


How to Contact House and Senate Members

Remember, you can contact your House and Senate members in Montgomery by calling the House operator at (334) 242-7600 or the Senate operator at (334) 242-7800, or writing to them via the State House Office Building, Montgomery, Alabama 36130. You can also visit the Legislature's official web site at